Workplace Readiness for Youth


Deadline       : Apply Now (before 16.1.2018)

Location       : Centre of Excellence for Business Skills Development, Parami Road, Hlaing University Campus,Yangon, Myanmar.

Duration      : 4 days (16.1.2018 – 20.1.2018) (9 am to 12 pm)

Type               : Partially Funded


An interactive, brainstorming and activity-based workshop by CEBSD designed for youth who want to upskill themselves in navigating their career pathway. The course develops individuals with sound knowledge and a broad range of  skills to effectively engage in job seeking and workplace communication . It provides the participants with the foundation for their future career and ensures the ability for personal and professional development. Certificates will be issued to participants upon successful completion of the course. The programme will be conducted in both English and Burmese, developing English language proficiency is also built-in to the programme.

Who should attend?

  • Undergraduate students who would like to prepare for their future profession.
  • Graduate who are going to jump into workplace.


In order to confirm your attendance, you need to install registration fees 5000 Kyats and reservation fees 20000 Kyats at CEBSD from 10th to 15th January 2018, 9 am to 5 pm.The reservation fees will be returned to the participants on successful completion of the programme with full attendance.

Application Process: Click HERE to complete the application form.

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