Phaung Daw Oo Pre-College Program Batch 6


Deadline: 18th January 2018

Location: Mandalay

Duration:  2nd May 2018 – 30th April 2019 (One Year)

Funding: Fully funded


PDO-PCP is a one-year long English-immersive university preparation program that offers Diploma in Social Science. PDO-PCP will help you to develop the knowledge, skills, language qualifications, and confidence necessary to pursue higher education abroad and take on leadership roles within your community.

Core Courses:
PPCP 1001: Academic Reading & Writing
PPCP 1002: IELTS Foundation & Preparation
PPCP 1003: Introduction to Social Sciences
PPCP 1004: Peace Education & Conflict Resolution
PPCP 1005: International Relations
PPCP 1006: Economics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Social Problem Solving in 21st Century
PPCP 1007: Development & NGO studies
PPCP 1008: Myanmar Politics
PPCP 1009: Service Learning
PPCP 1010: Portfolio Development & Academic Mentoring


  • Myanmar National High School Pass Certificate or equivalent qualification
  • Aged between 18 and 30
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Relevant work experience & Community engagement
  • Commitment to study the whole program
  • Volunteer/Staff of PDO or those who have served as volunteers for monastic education schools at least one year.

Application Process:

  • Application Form: Participants must fill in the application form completely, including the written essays. If you need more space, answers can be written on a separate sheet of paper. Electronic or hand written copies will be accepted.

Submit application form to [email protected]

  • Shortlist [19th January, 2018] : Shortlist based on your application and only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the next round.
  • Workshop and Exam [22nd January, 2018] : All shortlisted candidates are required to attend the workshop and sit for the exam.
  • Interview [15th & 16 th February 2018] : All shortlists will be asked to sit an interview after taking the workshop.
  • Participant Selection [23rd February, 2018] : Based on the workshop, exam and interview results, successful participants will be contacted shortly after taking the workshop and sitting the interview.

For more information, please visit PDO Pre-College Program’s Facebook Page.

Ko Aung Myin Thu