Live the Dream Career Talk Series Part-1(IT)


Deadline : 3 March,2018

Location : Yangon

Duration : 4 March,2018

Type : Free

Description : They are from Live the Dream team. “Live the Dream” is a social enterprise which has the first career media in Myanmar, which creates career vision and admired person by interviewing role models in Myanmar for inspiring youths’ mind, especially who are difficult to have passion to move forward because of limited information. They have also planned to hold career talk series on different careers every month to share knowledge and help the youths to have clear vision on their career. Their purpose to celebrate this event is to deliver IT career information to youth so that they can have better decision on career choices and formulating learning paths. Their great guest speakers (U Ei Maung, Peter Khant, Aung Ye Kyaw, and so on) would accelerate this event to be more useful to youth.

1. It’s a good opportunity to observe more about IT and how it is link to career in detail. You can consider whether IT industry is suitable for you or not. You can ask the questions that you want to know directly to the speaker.
2. For those who are not in IT field, it is also a nice opportunity for you to learn how you can utilize IT with your career, how IT can effect on your career and how you can prepare your best to tackle with IT.
3. For those who are working in IT can observe about the future impact of IT industry and you will have more networks with respective person from IT field.
If you are matched with one of these three groups, they would like to invite you to attend this event without losing this big opportunity if you are interested.

*Please note this is a free seminar and hope there will be some remarkable takeaway for every single one who attends this event.

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