IDFC Facebookable SHOW(Opening Ceremony&Press conference)


Deadline: On going

Location: UMFCCI,Min Ye Kyawswa Road,Lanmadaw Township,Yangon

Duration: Tuesday, February 13 at 10 AM – 11:30 AM

Type: Free

Description: IDFC will hold a Cultural Exchange event(Opening Ceremony)in Feb 13th, 2018.“IDFC Facebookable Show” is a cultural event holding by Japan & Myanmar youths.Japanese and Myanmar youths wear unique costumes and do cultural performances.They also do fashion show, so you can vote for the best person or group.They also do fashion show, so you can vote for the best person or group.At last,they want to sing a Japanese song “miraie” in Burmese with all of you.During this event,they will make a “Happiness Tree.” All of you can write your “Happiness” to the leaves.You can take many attractive pictures with IDFC members.They want to show the bond between Japan&Myanmar.

Why don’t you join them and get a lot of Facebookable pictures and post them on SNS??

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