Call for International Volunteer Teacher at Center for Education, Art and Literature


Post: Teacher (Volunteer)

Program: Capacity Upgrading Program

Duration: June-August Type: International Volunteer

Location: Sittwe, Rakhine State

CEAL requires non-Myanmar Volunteer Teachers to start off their school at Personal Capacity Upgrading Program. He or She should be able to teach:

 Social Science  Political Science  Business  Development  Others (Pls Mention)

Personal Capacity Upgrading program aims to help those who are currently working in community organizations, Business Group, Political Party, university students and any individual to prepare with academic knowledge and practice for their personal goal as well as organizational development.

CEAL is a very new school which will practice social Entrepreneur founded by 8 young, active and dynamic women to bring a change in equal gender and the whole society especially with education, art and literature. CEAL is aiming to inspire the community and the young generation with free, fair, delicate and dedicated leadership skill.

CUP will be the first initiation class of CEAL and which is we hope to be the impression of the school for all future steps. So, it has risk and at the same time some weight on the shoulders of initiators. Do you love to take risk and big responsibilities?

He or She shall be able to help with:

1. Networking the local and international organizations that are active in related fields such as Child and Youth Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Community Development, Community Business, Art, Literature and Music.

2. Setting up a good library in the School and networking with local and international organizations who are giving a great help in this sector. For example, giving Library Management training. (We have a separate program for children and literature by reaching out Modern Children Library to 80 monastic schools in Rakhine State. We would like to give LMT to the libraries we have set up to keep the sustainability and cooperation with beneficiaries too.)

3. Develop Proposals for certain projects that we have drafted ideas and tested some summer classes in two areas for Social Change through Art Program, Early Children Program and Community Café. We would like to learn from you if you could have found some new and applicable idea from Rakhine community within short time.

4. Organizational Development and set up process by developing required formats to empower our three young and dynamic organizers who shall be taking part as assistant teacher to be trained well under your supervision with “learning by doing” method and “get it” style.

5. Planning lessons and helping the assistants to plan

6. “Do Together, Go Together” practice for all possible ways to approach to the progress of CEAL.

He or She shall be:

 Hosted by us ( We are able to give a place to sleep)

 Travelled with assistant teachers to partner organizations in rural area for exposure

 Able to touch with Rakhine Society which has unique history and lots of things to learn and fix in present

 Full of knowledge for their respective proficiencies to apply at University and Work

 Able to help the forgotten cities and people

He or She will not be:  Given any financial support ( We are a very self-help organization just started and we won’t be able to support you with any finance or materials though we wish we could)

For More Information, Please Contact to: Daw Su Mwan Phroe @ Khine Mrat Thu Director Center for Education, Art and Literature

Email: [email protected]


Mobile: (+95) 925 430 1824


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  1. I am child art teacher.I am interest your project but time is okay for me.Can you contact me next time?

  2. wintlaeaung // June 8, 2015 at 1:35 am //

    I am also a teacher and interested too. Next time please share me too

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