Be An American Student



Deadline                : 10 November,2017

Location                : Yangon

Duration               : 2.30pm-4pm ( Saturday,11 November,2017)

Type                       : Free

Description        : This is the second round of “Be an American Student” seminar for those who were unable to come to the previous one in Nov 4. The American University of Myanmar is pleased to offer an informational seminar on how to earn an official American High School Equivalency Diploma. The same diploma that is available to American students. Learn why this diploma will open more opportunities for you to advance your career. If you have dreams of studying in the USA, New Zealand, Thailand or Great Britain, you should attend this seminar.

Eligibility            : All students and Parents are welcome! 
• Students who have completed ten standard [Grade 11] with no distinction or have failed the matriculation exam.
• Students who have passed the matriculation exam with flying colors and want to study abroad.
• Students who are still preparing for IGCSE
• Students who are considering an HND diploma.
• Students who are studying in any University in Myanmar, and hope to study abroad.
• Anyone who is preparing to take IELTS or TOEFL.
• Anyone who would like to have a better chance at finding a job in an American or multinational company in Myanmar or elsewhere.

Register HERE.For more details,visit the official facebook link.